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Anti-Static Wrist Band

MaxBit Anti-static strap is made of high quality materials. Our static strap has a comfortable elastic band that can be easily removed. The static strap has a 6' (expanded) coiled cord to keep it from becoming tangled up. You can also detach the coiled cord from the wrist band. The ground for the static strap can be attached by an alligator clip, or with a banana plug. Many PC cases have banana plug recepticles for static strips.
Anti-Static Wrist Band
  • Comfortable Elastic Band with an Easy to Adjust lever
  • 6' Coiled Cord - Black in color
  • Detachable Cord from Wrist Band, so you can walk away from the machine
  • Banana Plug with detachable alligator clip
  • Banana Plug works with most Computer Anti-Static ports
Part No Description Each Pkg Case
24120 Anti-Static Wrist Strap Band 1 10 100

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