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MaxBit Professional Heat Gun

MaxBit Professional Heat Guns are built to the highest quality standards. MaxBit professional heat guns have 3 heat settings of 750 watts and 1500 watts. MaxBit professional heat guns are designed for long life. MaxBit professional heat guns have a reducer nose for use with small diameter shrink wrap.
heat gun
  • Heat Gun: High Quality Heat Gun
  • Heat Gun: 2 heat settings (750 watts and 1500 watts)
  • Heat Gun: Reducer Nose included for small Shrink Wrap
Part No Description Each Pkg
24170 Heat Gun (750 & 1500 Watts)
Presently unavailable in 110 volt version
1 10

MaxBit Heat Guns are also known as, heat gun, heat guns, shrink wrap heat gun, paint stripping heat gun.

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