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MaxBitTM Coax (F-Style) 110 Keystone Jacks

MaxBit Coax Keystone Jacks are high quality surface mount boxes. MaxBit coax keystone jacks are for F-Style Coax cables for TV cablevision. MaxBit coax keystone jacks are designed to work with MaxBit keystone wall plates, and standardized keystone wall plates. MaxBit keystone wall plates have quick install latches to allow the networking professional to quickly snap the keystone jacks into the surface mount box and keystone wall plates. All MaxBit keystone wall plates come in White.
coax keystone jacks
  • Coax keystone jacks: Works with F-Style TV Coax cables for cablevision
  • Coax keystone jacks: Uses standardized 110 size
  • Coax keystone jacks: Works with MaxBit patch cords
  • Coax keystone jacks: Works with MaxBit keystone wall plates
  • Coax keystone jacks: Works with MaxBit surface mount jacks
Part No Cat 3 Tooless Keystone Jacks Each (1) Pkg (50) Case (500)
10659-WHITE Coax Keystone Jack - WHITE 1 50 500

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