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MaxBit Polyolefin Shrink Wrap Tubing (2/1)

MaxBit manufactures Shrink Wrap Tubing to meet the highest quality polyolefin shrink wrap product. The shrink wrap tubing listed below has a 2 to 1 shrinkage ratio. MaxBit shrink wrap tubing shrinks at an even ratio, and does not have uneven walls thickness. The shrink wrap tubing sizes listed below are the inside diameters sizes before shrinkage. All MaxBit shrink wrap is UL 2240 listed and certified, and passes UL VW-1 Flamibility Test. All MaxBit shrink wrap follows all fire protection and fire retardant listed by Universal Laboratories. We sell the shrink wrap tubing in zip lock bags of 10 feet. The shrink wrap bags have a quantity of 10 pieces which are cut into 1 foot pieces. Our reels of shrink wrap tubing have center holes for placing the reels on work bench spool rods. We also sell the shrink wrap tubing in cases of reels for volume buyers. The shrink wrap tubing is set for shrinkage at 125C (257 Fahrenheit).
shrink wrap
  • Shrink Wrap: 2-to-1 shrinkage ratio
  • Shrink Wrap: Sizes are BEFORE shrinkage and flat diameter
  • Shrink Wrap: Sizes are ID (Inside Diameter)
  • Shrink Wrap: 125C shrinking temperature
  • Shrink Wrap: UL-2240 Listed & Certified
  • Shrink Wrap: Meets UL VW-1 Flame Test
  • Shrink Wrap: Each = Price for (10) 1ft sections
  • Shrink Wrap: Reel = Price for one reel
  • Shrink Wrap: Case = Price for a case
  • Shrink Wrap: 2-to-3mm 650' per reel
  • Shrink Wrap: 6-to-12mm 325' per reel
  • Shrink Wrap: 18-to-25mm 160' per reel
  • Shrink Wrap: Thickness vary +-15%
  • Shrink Wrap custom color available upon request
  • Shrink Wrap custom sizes available upon request
  • Shrink Wrap OEMing also available
Shrink Wrap
Part No Shrink Wrap Tubing Flat Diameter Round Diameter Ave Thickness Each (ten 1' pcs) Reel (feet) Case (feet)
11802-BLACK MaxBit Shrink Wrap Tubing
BLACK - 2mm (1/16in) - 125C
2mm 1.3mm 0.25mm 10' 650' 6,500'
11803-BLACK MaxBit Shrink Wrap Tubing
BLACK - 3mm (3/32in) - 125C
3mm 1.9mm 0.25mm 10' 650' 4,550'
11806-BLACK MaxBit Shrink Wrap Tubing
BLACK - 6mm (1/4in) - 125C
6mm 3.8mm 0.25mm 10' 325' 1,950'
11809-BLACK MaxBit Shrink Wrap Tubing
BLACK - 9mm (1/3in) - 125C
9mm 5.7mm 0.40mm 10' 325' 3,900'
11812-BLACK MaxBit Shrink Wrap Tubing
BLACK - 12mm (1/2in) - 125C
12mm 7.6mm 0.40mm 10' 325' 3,575'
11818-BLACK MaxBit Shrink Wrap Tubing
BLACK - 18mm (3/4in) - 125C
18mm 11.46mm 0.40mm 10' 160' 1,280'
11825-BLACK MaxBit Shrink Wrap Tubing
BLACK - 25mm (1in) - 125C
25mm 15.9mm 0.40mm 10' 160' 960'

Heat Gun

  • High Quality Heat Gun
  • 3 heat settings (750 watts, 1500 watts, and 1800 watts)
  • Reducer Nose included for small Shrink Wrap
Part No Description Each (qty) Case (qty)
24170 Heat Gun (750, 1500, 1800 Watts) 1 10

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