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MaxBit D-Subminiature Half-Pitch Connectors

MaxBit Dsub HP Connectors are built to the highest quality standards. HP connectors are sometimes called High Density D-sub connectors. It is also sometimes called HD-15 Dsub connectors. We follow all standardized D-subminiature HP designs and specifications. MaxBit Dsub connector shells have dimpled sides to ensure solid connections that will not fall apart. MaxBit HP-15 connector shells work with MaxBit DB-9 hoods and Standardized hoods. MaxBit connectors are available in HP-15 configurations. We also manufacture D-subminiature HP connectors solder cup connector applications, and PCB mount connector applications. Half-pitch connectors are not possible for IDC connectors. We no longer manufacture HP crimp pin connectors due to low demand from the VGA community. We do not manufacture HP-15 male PCB connectors because, you should always use females on printed circuit boards. The pins of HP connectors are fragile, and break easy. It is eaiser to replace a cable, then the entire Printed circuit board.
HP solder cup Connector RoHS Dsub Connector
  • Dsub Connectors Specs: Rated for use up to 5 Amps.
  • Dsub Connectors Specs: Rated for Insulation resistance of 3,000 MΩ at a maximum of 500 VDC.
  • Dsub Connectors Specs: Rated for product usage up in temperatures ranges of -55C to 125C.
  • Dsub Connectors Specs: Our PBT is 30% glass fiber.
  • Dsub Connectors Specs: Our connectors are manufactured to meet or exceed UL 94V0 standards.
  • Dsub Connectors Specs: Our soldercup connectors are RoHS ready.
  • Dsub Connectors Specs: Our PCB connectors are 90 degree connectors with a 8mm offset with 4/40 screw nuts and boardlocks.
  • Dsub Connectors Specs: Our Dsub connector shells are high quality and RoHS & WEEE Compliant
Part No HP-15 Connectors Each (qty) Tray (qty) Case (qty)
11055 HP-15 MALE D-sub SOLDER CUP Shell - Each 1 50 1,000
11056 HP-15 FEMALE D-sub SOLDER CUP Shell - Each 1 50 1,000
11335 HP-15 FEMALE D-sub PC MOUNT (90 Degree) Shell 1 50 1,000

MaxBit Printed Circuit Board Cutting Pliers

MaxBit Precision Cutting Pliers are built to the highest quality standards. MaxBit precision cutting pliers are made of high quality tool steel. MaxBit precision cutting pliers have comfortable handles. MaxBit precision cable cutting pliers are designed to cut small individual cables or legs off Dsub PCB connectors. MaxBit cable cutting pliers have angled lips so that they can cut cable and Dsub PCB legs off easily.
PCB cutting pliers
  • Precision Cutting Pliers: Professional grade tool
  • Precision Cutting Pliers: Precision made with high quality metal
  • Precision Cutting Pliers: Comfortable Handles
  • Precision Cutting Pliers: Angled lips
  • Precision Cutting Pliers: 5.3" long
Part No Tools for Dsub Products Each (qty) Pkg (qty) Case (qty)
24151 PCB Leg Cutting Pliers 1 6 120

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