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Mfg of Electronic Cables and Parts
D-sub crimp pin
Crimp Pins
coax connectors and adaptors
Coax Connectors
DB9 Connectors
DB-9 Connectors (crimp, solder, IDC, PCB)
D-sub DB15 connectors
DB-15 Connectors (crimp, solder, IDC, PCB)
D-sub DB25 connectors
DB-25 Connectors (crimp, solder, IDC, PCB)
D-sub DB37 connectors
DB-37 Connectors (crimp, solder, IDC, PCB)
DB50 Connectors
DB-50 Connectors (crimp, solder, IDC, PCB)
HP15 Connectors
HP-15 Connectors (solder, PCB)
IDC Box Socket connectors
IDC Box Socket Ribbon Connectors
IDC pin header
IDC pin headers
2.5mm 3.5mm audio connectors
2.5mm & 3.5mm connectors and adaptors
RCA plugs adaptors
RCA plugs, Adaptors, and RCA Wire
125C shrink wrap tubing 2:1 ratio
Shrink Wrap Tubing
D-sub Plastic Hoods
D-sub plastic hoods
D-sub metalized plastic hoods
D-sub metalized plastic hoods
D-sub die-cast hoods
D-sub Die Cast hoods
modular wire
Modular Wire
stranded wire
Stranded Wire
IDC flat ribbon cable
Flat Ribbon Wire
cat 5e cat 6 UTP networking wire
Cat 5e/6 Networking Wire
modular plugs
Modular Plugs (RJ-22, RJ-11, RJ-12, RJ-45, RJ-48)
modular adaptors
Modular Adaptors
networking cable boots
Cat 5/6 networking cable boots
nylon cable ties
Nylon Cable Ties
mounthead nylon cable ties
Mounthead Nylon Cable Ties
nylon cable ties
Releasable Nylon Cable Ties
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